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VIDEO: The Wardrobe to Die for

What is the 24th of April to you? A birthday, an anniversary or just another day of the week? Whatever it is, let us add another significance to this date. It’s Fashion Revolution Day. The change in fashion in the last 20 years and the rise of fast fashion

VIDEO: Top Coachella Celebrity Looks of All Time

Coachella marks the start of festival season. Although it’s a music festival, it is definitely not just about the music. It’s about the food, the technology, and most importantly? The fashion. Coachella inspires our wardrobes and festival styles for the rest of the summer. It defines trends, think

VIDEO: Is Fashion an Art Form?

My personal answer to that question is yes! Yes Yes YES! But it’s not about me. What is art? Art is an expressive application of human creative skill and imagination typically in visual form. (Thank you Oxford dictionary). Fashion is often thought of as simply frivolous and a show

VIDEO: The Pepsi Commercial - SNL Spoof

If you haven’t seen or heard of the Pepsi commercial, you most definitely have been living under a rock on a remote island off of the coast of nowhere. Everyone; ourselves included have talked about THAT commercial. Saturday Night Live has made a new spoof sketch of the commercial.

VIDEO: Have Beauty Standards Gone Too Far?

DEFINE BEAUTY The question of “Am I ugly” has probably crossed every person’s mind at some stage or the other. This thought-provoking video directed by Marie Schueller features young girls asking and answering this question. They explain how they see themselves especially in comparison with others. Making it easy

VIDEO: Is Harajuku Style Dead?

What do we really know about Harajuku? It is a neighbourhood in Japan. The style is characterised by a pursuit of kawaii, or “cuteness”, which is expressed in massive piles of hair clips, face band aids, creative layering, and a mishmash of colours and textures. Harajuku style has become less

VIDEO: The Cutest Couple to Wear Matching Outfits

This adorable Japanese couple are most definitely #RelationshipGoals. They have been married for 37 years and wear effortlessly matching outfits almost every day. They started matching their outfits because they noticed that they had matching hair. They have no strict rules for how they dress apart from the coordination. Perhaps

VIDEO: The Congo Dandies

"Living in Poverty and Spending a Fortune to Look Like a Million Dollars". This is the story of the Congo dandies. La Sape is a movement in Congo all about style and elegance, the right combination of colours and textures, brand-names and the highest quality materials. Those engaged in the

VIDEO: Girls Wearing Leggings Barred From Flight

Two teenage girls were barred from boarding a United Airline flight and the internet went mad; rightfully so! This is another act of policing female clothing and we should most definitely be up in arms about it. United defended the situation by highlighting that the girls who were flying with

VIDEO: 100 Years of Beauty | Philippines

They say beauty is only skin deep. Anthropologist, Chris Santo Domingo Chan researched the concept of beauty in the Philippines in the last 100 years. His thoughts on beauty: “Beauty is not natural, it is always conditioned and in this context, a face tells so much about the political situation

VIDEO: Top 10 Movie Wardrobes of All Time

The costume department might just be the most underrated department in any film crew. The Academy Award for Best Costume Design wasn't even created until 1948. So we are here to sing the praises of the costume designers. The video shows a list of top 10 movie Wardrobes of all

VIDEO: Handbags Made of Human Skin

Biotechnology meets fashion! Tina Gorjanc, a Central Martins student believes that advance tissue-engineering tech could 'grow' synthetic leather from a person's DNA. Her collection was inspired by the late Alexander McQueen. The designer would have probably enjoyed the concept of this project as he used a sample of his own

VIDEO: Nike Pro Hijab Revealed

Nike’s announcement of their new Nike Pro Hijab has sparked online debates causing a divide amongst the twitter community. Some are outraged and are choosing to boycott the brand while others are praising it more than ever before for this new addition. The Nike Pro Hijab - made with