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5 Minute Morning Yoga

Feeling lackluster in the morning? Don't have time to work out? We all could get out of bed 5 minutes earlier to kick start our day, and the benefits of your 5 minute yoga practice will last far beyond the morning. Read More Men in Kilts Doing Yoga, The Best

My Skin doesn't Define Me ~ Winnie Harlow

The fashion industry as a whole doesn’t do well in portraying individuals who's appearance deviate majorly from the norm of it's beauty standards. When Winnie Harlow came on the scene in America’s Next top model, cycle 21, It was new and exciting and endearing to have a model

Tattoos That Play Sound

Tattoos are one of the most popular forms of self-expression in this day and age. The skin is all yours and there’s a whole lot of it that can be used as canvas for the inking. Sound wave tattoos, as they are being called are the new stage in

100 Years of Bras

Bras have become such an everyday part of most women’s dressing that it is hard to imagine a time when they weren’t. I’m all down with freeing the nipple, in fact, I encourage myself and all the women around me to do at least once in a

The Evolution of Douchebag Style

From the Danny Zukos of Grease to the Steve Stiflers of American Pie, the style of the douche bag has evolved with each passing generation. This light hearted video looks at how the average douchebag and how their style has changed over the last 10 decades. If we’re being

Gucci Garden

The video shows Gucci’s A/W'17 collection in the most beautiful of locations, Garden of Ninfa which is near Rome, Italy. Gucci takes inspiration from creationism in this video with visual references to the garden of Eden and the Story of Adam and Eve. The garden is beautifully highlighted

VIDEO: Alexa's awkward dinner party

Later this month, Alexa Chung’s fashion line will be hitting the stores, the 30th to be exact. The line will mostly be centred around glorious basics that every wardrobe needs, like everyday straight-leg jeans and fitting denim jackets. Before then though, she’s given us a good laugh in