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Chanel Accused of 'Cultural Appropriation'

Cultural appropriation sometimes feels like a term that is thrown around loosely in pop culture and the fashion community is no exception. But this time it is causing more of an outrage that we have seen in recent times. It started with the social media profiles of model and makeup

7 Ways to Lose Weight Without Trying

Anyone that has ever tried to lose weight, ever, knows just how hard it can be. This video shows simpler ways of achieving the same goal without paying a painful amount of attention to what you eat and how you exercise. The attention is the hardest part. It consumes you

The Rise Of The Statement Bag

Sarah Beydoun is bringing a whole new different meaning to statement bags. She makes statements for sure, but not just fashion statements, political and social statements also. From being a young sociology student volunteering with ex-prostitutes in a prison for her thesis, Sarah realised that the women in these situations

Elle Fanning - Fanning Things

Elle Fanning is quickly turning into one of our favorite actresses and it's no surprise when you think of her career to date. Dakota Fanning’s little sister has stared in a plethora of movies from Super 8, We bought a zoo, and Maleficient. She also has a great appreciation

5 Minute Morning Yoga

Feeling lackluster in the morning? Don't have time to work out? We all could get out of bed 5 minutes earlier to kick start our day, and the benefits of your 5 minute yoga practice will last far beyond the morning. Read More Men in Kilts Doing Yoga, The Best

Tattoos That Play Sound

Tattoos are one of the most popular forms of self-expression in this day and age. The skin is all yours and there’s a whole lot of it that can be used as canvas for the inking. Sound wave tattoos, as they are being called are the new stage in