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    10 Reasons to visit Berlin in Winter

    | Cold and crisp... There's little to say about the Berlin weather during winter - but there's heaps to say about it's wintery culture and appeal. Berlin, it's a place where you spend your days wandering around looking at architecture, sitting in beer gardens or buying a beer from a Späti

    Ten Best Places to Escape Winter

    | Is there anything better than jetting off on a warm holiday? Well there is, jetting off to the warm sun in the middle of cool winter weather. Pull yourself out of bed, pack your case, and travel through the sleet to the airport and find some sun and a beach

    Unforgettable Valentine's date night ideas

    | Red roses, champagne and a classy dinner - been there, done that! How about some excitement this Valentine's Day? We've come up with the perfect suggestions. The pressure is on, it's Valentine's Day soon and if you still think a bunch of flowers from the local garage and a bottle

    Christmas Dinners from around the world

    | Ever wonder what the rest of the world eat on Christmas day? How about a KFC for your big meal? Or some roasted reindeer? Christmas dinner, everyone knows it's turkey, roasties and sprouts right? Actually, for most of the world it's not, so sit back, pour yourself some mulled wine

    Social Bite – helping the homeless this Christmas and all year

    |Looking for a way to give back this Christmas? Look into Social Bite for a way of helping the homeless this year. Social Bite is a social business, that means they use their profits to help solve social challenges. Inspired by “Creating a World Without Poverty: Social Business and the

    THE places to see in New Year in Edinburgh and Glasgow

    | It's New Years Eve, your dress is sparkling and you're feeling extra glamorous this year. We have picked the best places in Glasgow & Edinburgh to go for the festive night you deserve. Edinburgh Grab a Martini and head to the tables, it's Vegas time baby! Dress up and shake

    Why not leave the dishes for someone else this Christmas?

    |Forget about all that cooking and enjoy the festive season! Here are some suggestions for the best Christmas day dining in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Indeed, there are better things to do this festive season than worry about cooking dinner for 8! Forget about those dishes and let someone else slave

    Fancy a coffee in the toilet? A review of the Attendant London

    | Flush away all doubts about stopping for a coffee in an ex-toilet with a visit to The Attendant in Fitzrovia, London. Fashion Fix Daily review the attendant. This subterranean former gentlemen’s lavatory on the corner of Foley Street and Great Titchfield Street has been transformed into a café with

    2017 Food Crazes

    | Last year we tasted the Asian cuisine, and the world's love for healthy food is the new fashion. What will this year's foodie trends be? What will be the food trends of 2017? Last year saw kimchi and turmeric take the foodie world by storm but what will this year's

    How to Make Dutch Split Pea Soup (Erwentensoep or Snert)

    | The cold snap has descended and you are longing for a delicious soup recipe to keep you warm this winter. Why not try this Dutch classic this weekend? This is an amazing soup. It's perfect for winter and I fell in love with it on a recent trip to the