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    10 People You'll Meet At Yoga Class

    |If you're a Yogi, whether it's vinyasa or hot yoga that rocks your boat, you are sure to know these people. I've been an on-again-off-again-but-still-awful-'yogi' for years. So, it's safe to say, I've accumulated some knowledge along the way and noticed a few patterns in the other people who turn

    Mental Health Badges, Are They A Good Idea?

    We explore the pro's and con's of talking openly about mental health. What if we wore our anxieties as badges, presented for the rest of the world to see? Now, I know what you’re thinking; the thought of complete strangers knowing the most intimate detail about you makes you

    15 Times Blair Waldorf Was My Style Alter Ego

    | What can gossip girl teach us about fashion? Whether its a casual everyday outfit or an occasion dress, Blair Waldorf is your expert. If you're an owner of a Netflix account and you haven't watched Gossip Girl yet, what are you doing?! I strongly suggest you go and watch it

    5 Menswear Items You Need In Your Wardrobe

    | Boyfriend style? We've got the ultimate guide to the mens clothes you should be keeping in your wardrobe. For the longest time, I’ve been swapping out my PJ’s for my (waayyy too big for me) brother/dads clothing. I’ve no idea what started it off, it’s

    I Took The Ancestry DNA Test And You Should Too

    | Ever feel like you just never know? Who do your genes really come from... and who do you share them with? DNA testing has helped me fully understand my roots. (New drinking game: take a shot every time the words spit, saliva and sample are mentioned!) As someone whose dad

    5 Fashion Rules Made To Be Broken

    | 'Do's and Don'ts' in fashion? Never. Clashing prints, blue and green, double denim, these are just a few of the rules you need to break. Let’s be honest, how many of us actually took advice from our parents when we were younger? Even though there were times we really

    The Anxiety Disorder No One Talks About: Health Anxiety

    | There’s a special kind of terror you feel when you constantly believe you’re facing imminent death. We discuss health anxiety and how to deal with it. There’s a special kind of terror you feel when you constantly believe you’re facing imminent death. As dramatic as that

    8 Pros And Cons Of The Pixie Cut

    | Stop second guessing those short haircut ideas you've been staring at and take the plunge. Find out if the pixie haircut would work for you. So, you’ve decided to get the snip! - no, not that one. You’re either crazy bored with your hair, like I was, or