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Here's What Speaking About Self Love Taught Me

I'm not a speaker. I'm a writer. You could maybe, probably, definitely say that I write precisely because I'm straight-up terrible at verbal communication. My brain fires on all cylinders but my mouth never gets the memo. (My inner monologue is eloquent as fuck but, regrettably, you'll never meet her.

5 Un-Officey Ways To Wear Your Work Shirt

The shirt. Oh, the shirt. The humble piece of office attire - formerly picked out of the wardrobe begrudgingly, a disdainful look of 'uh, you again' plastered over your AM face - has recently been catapulted to the upper echelons of style. It started with Johanna Ortiz and Jacquemus (two

Pie & Fash; 3 Days, 3 Very Different Outfits

Week in, week out, writing inspiration evades me. I gleefully digest article upon article, op-ed upon op-ed, listicle upon listicle, lapping them up like Augustus Gloop at the chocolate river (hashtag goals), before kicking myself real hard in the shin for not having the brain power to think the damn

Dear Denim, I'm Breaking Up With You

Dear Jeans, I'm breaking up with you. Surprised? I was, too. But I'm gonna spare us both the back and forth, the wishful thinking and what-if's, and serve you the situ upfront. You deserve that much, at least. Today I spent an entire nine hours in you and, truthfully, I

'Tis The Season To Fine-Tune Your Gift Face

You know the drill: It's Christmas. Relatives are due over any moment. Your mum's told you that one relative (who shall not be named because this is a true anecdote and t'would be improper of me to divulge) has bought you a dress. Fine. Cool. Dresses are nice. I'd prefer

7 Things That Always Happen When You Wear Tassels

Picture this: you’re dancing, incredibly well (duh), in the club. You’re twerking your sweet ass off. You’re wearing a dress laden with tassels, potentially inspired by RiRi’s white tasselled trousers (the ones she wore during her grind-laden performance with Drake at The Brits). You look sensational.

7 Things From 2016 To Carry Forward Into 2017

2016 is very nearly behind us, thank fuck. As year's go, it's been pretty horrific, right? On second thoughts, maybe 'horrific' is too tame of a word. Diabolical? Disastrous? Devastating? Demoniac? ALL THE WORDS! 2016 has been all of the words. Bar the good ones, ofc. It would be remiss