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    7 Things That Always Happen When You Wear Tassels

    Picture this: you’re dancing, incredibly well (duh), in the club. You’re twerking your sweet ass off. You’re wearing a dress laden with tassels, potentially inspired by RiRi’s white tasselled trousers (the ones she wore during her grind-laden performance with Drake at The Brits). You look sensational.

    Here's What Speaking About Self Love Taught Me

    |Self love is important. End of. Girl bosses should have self love, self esteem and self confidence. Speaking about all of the above, is just the cherry on top of the cake. I'm not a speaker. I'm a writer. You could maybe, probably, definitely say that I write precisely because

    5 Un-Officey Ways To Wear Your Work Shirt

    |Needing ways to dress down that tailored shirt of yours? Whether you go for an untucked or off-the-shoulder look, FFD brings you all the right tricks. The shirt. Oh, the shirt. The humble piece of office attire - formerly picked out of the wardrobe begrudgingly, a disdainful look of 'uh,

    Pie & Fash; 3 Days, 3 Very Different Outfits

    |Looking for a bit of style inspiration? FFD's Daisy Keens brings you 3 different outfits and styles, for your daily fashion fix. Week in, week out, writing inspiration evades me. I gleefully digest article upon article, op-ed upon op-ed, listicle upon listicle, lapping them up like Augustus Gloop at the

    Dear Denim, I'm Breaking Up With You

    |Denim is a fashion stable. But tell us one thing, when you think comfortable, do you really think camel-toe slim-fit jeans? Dear Jeans, I'm breaking up with you. Surprised? I was, too. But I'm gonna spare us both the back and forth, the wishful thinking and what-if's, and serve you

    Sale Shopping: Bag Some Bargain Swag

    |Feeling overwhelmed with sale shopping? We have some tips and tricks for keeping on top of the sales. I am a woman of few talents. No, no - don't all rush to disagree! 'Tis true! I can burp the alphabet ('H' is notoriously tricky). I can pin a man down

    7 Things From 2016 To Carry Forward Into 2017

    | 2016 has been pretty terrible. It's December, and we're now thinking about our resolutions for the new year. What should we carry over into 2017, if anything? 2016 is very nearly behind us, thank fuck. As year's go, it's been pretty horrific, right? On second thoughts, maybe 'horrific' is too