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    LFW SS18 Alt Designers to watch

    Another London Fashion Week has been and gone and in it's wake leaving us with a fresh batch of hot design talent to become that tiny little obsessed with. And when I say become a little bit obsessed I mean full scale embracing a ride or die romance with. Sure,

    The problematic legacy of Hugh Hefner

    | The issue of how this legend did so much good that often goes unrecognised because of his bad behaviour. The man who changed the bunny ears. Few people can lay claim to a cultural legacy as prominent and divisive as the late media mogul Hugh Hefner. In fact social media

    Fyodor Golan SS18 at LFW

    It's athleisure on acid with Fyodar Golon's futuristic surfer girl presentation this season. The design duo have become known for their iconic collaborations including My Little Pony and Powerpuff Girls, and SS18 is no exception with design giant chupa chups having more than a lingering influence - predominatley with colour,

    Ryan Lo SS18 at LFW

    The crowned prince of kawaii returns this year with his SS 18 collection, opting for monochromatic bridal vibes by way of Lolita. Ryan Lo is leaning hard in to fashion's current love affair with princess dressing with plenty of romantic chiffons, extravagant beading and soft florals. Gone are the big,

    #TFW: The Memeification of Fashion

    | Gucci and their #TFWGucci campaign have utilised the world's love of meme's by taking a fresh and funny approach to digital marketing. Fashion, by it's very nature has always been steeped in a form of meme culture. From the **it** bags of the 90s to the return of highly recognisable

    Does Fashion Have a Place in Audio?

    | The fashion world doesn't want to be left behind whilst the rest of the population become BFF's with Alexa. Turns out video didn't kill the radio star after all, in fact it's back and bigger than ever. Fashion Fix Daily launched on [Amazon Alexa](https://www.amazon.co.uk/Sitewards-GmbH-Fashion-Fix-Daily/

    Feminism & Fashion: Are We Leaning In or Selling Out?

    | Feminism is on the rise but let's be careful not to overlook the real issue. Women died for women's rights, so if you want to wear it you better support it. “We should all be Feminists.” I mean. Obviously right? It's no longer just a statement but a battle cry.

    Romance is Dead, Long Live the BFF

    | Mates before dates. Despite what The Notebook and Cinderella have taught you, having a single person be your answer to happiness isn't realistic. I'm a hopeless romantic. Not in the classic sense of the word, or indeed in the modern now that I come to think about it. Less cut

    Vagina Highlighter is Now a Thing

    | We live for that poppin' glowy highlight, but who thought this should be applied to the intimate areas and why? HMU, because we are worried about you. It feels like women of the internet are having a collective aneurism following the launch of the now viral "vaginal highlighter."

    Does Netflix's To The Bone Glamourise Anorexia?

    WARNING - TRIGGER ARTICLE There are a few things that Netflix's latest movie “To the Bone” gets right. The Guardian described it as "To the Bone review – Netflix's anorexia tale is uninsightful, insipid and insulting" Lily Collin's Eli's “calorie Asperger's” is all too strikingly familiar for anyone that

    Keep Bleeding: On a New Type of Contreceptive

    | Would you ditch your monthly pill and trust an app on your phone to be your form of contraception? I've been using oral contraceptives for as long as I've been having sex. Which means, in short, that I hadn't had a natural period for over 10 years. Even through long

    Are We Living in the Handmaid's Tale?

    | No womb, no opinion. The present day debates of abortion are scarily similar to that of the HBO series. As the chilling finale of HBO's Handmaid's Tale aired last week, fiction is bearing an uncomfortable resemblance to current political discourse – inviting more than a few think pieces bringing Margaret Atwood's

    Socialblade & Insta-Fraud, What Does it Mean for Instagram?

    | Brands and influencers are now under the microscope. SocialBlade is helping uncover if your instagram followers and likes are real or fake. For the uninitiated, insta-fraud is the use of employing bots to take over your account and build your instagram followers. With the growing popularity of analytics app Socialblade,