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Award winning blogger, full time creep. Pop culture, counter culture and bad jokes. Came here to eat snacks, chat feminism, death and fashion. And guess what? I'm all out of snacks.

Does Fashion Have a Place in Audio?

Turns out video didn't kill the radio star after all, in fact it's back and bigger than ever. Fashion Fix Daily launched on Amazon Alexa, making it the first fashion publication to make the move to audio alongside the BBC and Guardian. Users will be able to receive daily trend

Romance is Dead, Long Live the BFF

I'm a hopeless romantic. Not in the classic sense of the word, or indeed in the modern now that I come to think about it. Less cut out hearts and love songs more about hope and trust and laughter. And tears. And screaming matches. Goofy faces. Sitting in with take

Vagina Highlighter is Now a Thing

It feels like women of the internet are having a collective aneurism following the launch of the now viral "vaginal highlighter." Never before has there quite been a product that really raises more questions than it answers. The first being, who looked down at their vulva and thought, "yeah, things

The 5 Lingerie Bloggers You Need To Follow

Whether you're a card carrying member of the itty-bitty-titty committee or you find yourself somewhere closer to the middle of the alphabet, there are few things more unifying than truly beautiful lingerie. From shaping and sculpting to barely there lace appliqués, there's hardly an itch not scratched in the expansive