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    Bluffer's Guide To Eurovision 2018 If You Missed It

    FoMO begone! If you did miss the events of Eurovision 2018, this is the round-up post just for you. No need to feel left out of the connversation! We've got your back. Here's a quick reminder that A LOT OF PEOPLE really do love to watch the Eurovision Song Contest.

    BENCH Added To List Of Endangered Streetwear Brands

    | Surviving administration is Bench's first priority. Then, is there a long term future? Because it's the lack of a successful long term plan that has contributed to this situation. British Fashion Brand BENCH has filed for administration as of April 30 2018 and arguably, it has been on the cards

    Serenity & Grace: The Shape Of Stores To Come?

    Big-box stores offline are struggling. Best in class online stores with a focus on curation builds loyalty. Serenity & Grace founder Ann Marie McDonagh knows this and is using crowdfunding to enable her vision to take a bold step forward. TL;DR - Irish fashion boutique is offering equity and

    Bearded Colonel: The Which Razor is Best for Shaving Question

    Research says that millennials can see through marketing pitches. If that's the case, then you know how a product review post is supposed to play out. PR companies send "the best razors for men" pitches. Lots of copy-pasting follows. You read smooth words that have glided straight out

    Topshop: LFW Live Stream 2pm Sunday

    London Fashion Week - February 2017 With Sheri and Amanda reporting from LFW this week, it's been left to yours truly (Andrew) to make sure the string and cellotape that holds this site together, well, holds. An established fashion blogger I may not be but I do know my way