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    24 Hours In Manchester

    Manchester is one of those cities that feels like a home away from home. Albeit a cooler, crazier version of home. Recently we spent a day in this magical city and whilst it wasn't enough time to get the full Manchester experience, it does give you a good taster. If

    The 10 Hottest Cities to Hang Out in the UK

    Travel Supermarket asked self-confessed hipster blogger Adam Groffman, from Travels of Adam, and UK travel blogger Emily Ray, from The Cosy Traveller, to put together comprehensive guides for their top 10 trendy neighbourhoods in the UK and Europe. Using knowledge gained from their extensive travels, Adam and Emily have selected

    5 Secrets to a Long and Happy Marriage

    The Royal Wedding might be over but it's still the hot topic on everyones lips. So here are some tips on staying happily married! Keep Calm! Of course in any relationship there will be hiccups and disagreements along the way but it is how you deal with them that will

    5 reasons to Travel Solo this year

    Thinking about heading off on a solo adventure? Well you’re making the right decision, as going solo can be one of the most liberating and amazing experiences you will have. The experts over at Baltic Travel have put together 5 reasons why you HAVE to plan a solo trip

    Just What Does it Take to Run a Lifestyle store?

    James, Tell us a little about the store? Ryan James Studio is an independent lifestyle store in Glasgow. Focusing on menswear, we curate a range of clothing, accessories and grooming products alongside homeware and gift items created by independent brands from the UK and Europe. What made you chose to

    10 Reasons to Visit Iceland

    Iceland has become a popular getaway destination in recent years, purely because of its stunning natural beauty and diversity of landscape. We explore the top 10 reasons to visit this amazing country! The Northern Lights Iceland’s placement on top of the world ensures that it’s the best place

    Designers and Their Dogs

    Since it's international puppy day we thought we would celebrate by featuring our favorite designers and their dogs! VALENTINO GARAVANI and his 11 Pugs, I'll let that sink in shall I? All I know is I want to go for a puppy play date! DONNA KAREN and her lab Steph,

    What NOT to Say to your Tattooed Friends

    Whether it's being mistaken for a criminal, accused of never being able to get a respectable job, or being told you used to be attractive, these are things no one wants to hear, so why do people think it's ok to tell them to people with tattoos? I've had people

    The Aussie Girls' Guide to Healthy Lifestyle

    By FFD Guest Writer Scarlet. No matter whether you’re a girl who leads a busy lifestyle and has to run around town, or if you are glued to your desk from morning till midnight, staying healthy and keeping your body in peak physical form is a must. Aussie girls

    Travel Tips For Vegans

    Travelling when you are vegan can be a little difficult, but if you do some work before you go then it should be plain sailing. Research as Much as You Can Look into where you are going, not just for fun things to do, eat and see, but for things

    The Most Instagramable Spots in Soho

    Article by Fashion Fix Daily guest writer Rebecca Dickson. Have you really been somewhere if you haven't taken a photo? If you are like me, you'll probably take photographs of everything. I don't necessarily put everything on social media; I just like to have it on my phone! When it

    Going Vegan this January? Let Fashion Fix Daily help.

    We've looked out the best resources to help you through this month without any hiccups. The main thing to remember is to research! Find out what restaurants in your area offer vegan options & make sure you plan what you have in the house and always plan to have snacks!

    Vegan & Cruelty Free YouTubers You Need To Follow

    Adopting a Vegan and Cruelty Free lifestyle has never been easier, but there are still some things all of us can learn, whether it's a new recipe, a new product or a brand that have changed their cruelty free status. Below are our favourite vegan and cruelty free YouTubers. Kiera

    Staycation's are the new vacations

    |A Staycation may just be the cure to your wanderlust. The new trend is here to stay - look no further for the best staycation spots. Chasing the sun may seem like the pinnacle of your Winter, but what about all the things you will be missing if you venture

    Ultimate Christmas Playlist

    There is nothing that can set the mood like the right playlist. Are you in charge of cooking Christmas dinner today? Or do you just want something festive to listen to whilst opening Christmas presents? Have you been searching for the ultimate Christmas playlist and found that every playlist or

    7 things to do on Christmas day if you don't celebrate Christmas

    Whilst we are bombarded with Christmas and 'festive cheer' from October onwards it's important to remember that not everyone celebrates Christmas. For whatever reason you aren't celebrating Christmas this year remember there are plenty of other things you could be doing on the 25th of December. Take a walk Go

    Travelling to get Tattooed?

    Last month I travelled to two different countries to get tattooed. This may sound extreme to you, but if you find an artist you love, travelling to get to them might be your only option. I'm lucky enough that I've managed to book in with some of my favourite artists

    How To Make Your Instagram Stories Stand Out

    Instagram stories have become part of our day to day life, and whilst all are a sneek peek at the behind the scenes from our favourite accounts, some are undoubtedly more curated than others. When I think of the stories I love to watch there are two main themes, honesty

    Independent Jewellery Designers in Scotland

    Diamonds are a girls best friend, right? Well you could say that stunning handmade independent jewellery will put a bigger smile on her face, but we could be biased. We have rounded up the best Scottish jewellery designers for you, from perspex & rubber to precious metals and avant garde

    Why Quitting Isn't for Losers

    When we are younger, our parents teach us not to quit. No matter how much we hate it or how hard we find it, bad things are just something you have to learn to stick out. Don’t stop till you reach the top of the mountain. Eat all your