What is Dermaplaning?

Dermablading is the hot beauty treatment of the moment and it’s one that’s here to stay.

Although rather new in the UK, Dermaplaning has actually been around for years and is very big in America – particular with makeup artists performing it on celebrities before red carpet events.

Dermaplane is an effective manual, physical exfoliation method where a sterile, one-use scalpel is used at a 45-degree angle over the face to remove the top most layer of skin and up to 3 weeks-worth of dead skin cells in one visit.

Along with the removal of dead skin cells, Vellus hair is also removed. This is the fine, down-like, fluffy hair we all have, and scientifically it won’t grow back darker or thicker – contrary to what some people think. It will, however, grow back just the same as before, which is one of the reasons why this is recommended as a regular treatment.

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This treatment is recommended for anyone who is bothered by hair on their face, who wants flawless foundation application or who just wants to give their skin a glow boost.

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