Appropriation Or Appreciation? The Marc Jacobs Debate.

| Marc Jacobs closed NYFW with another runway debate. Head wraps: cultural appropriation, or appreciation? FFD discuss.

Well, he’s done it again! Last September, Marc Jacobs received major backlash after he sent an array of (predominantly white) models down the runway donning multi-colored dreadlocks. This time, he decided to close NYFW by showcasing models completing their looks with head wraps and the question is: is it OK?

It seems Marc Jacobs missed the memo as to what should have been a valuable lesson in cultural appropriation. Taking the focus away from what was a lovely, whimsey spring-summer collection, the head wraps were the inappropriately placed cherry on top for many fashion lovers.


Without meaning to school, head wraps are a hair accessory historically worn by woman of African descent. It’s been told that Jacob’s use of the head wrap is a homage to vintage glamour (hey, Elizabeth Taylor), but beyond that, no other mentions of the origins of head wraps. Fancy that.


Last year, Jacobs responded to the outcry saying:

"All who cry "cultural appropriation" or whatever nonsense about any race or skin color wearing their hair in any manner – funny how you don’t criticize women of color for straightening their hair."


For all those who continue to argue this point, please note that many women of many colours have been born with straight hair, with some even going to such lengths to straighten theirs due to social pressures. We need to stop thinking that people standing up for their culture is them trying to not share it. It’s the fact that a white designer is making money off black culture without giving any awareness or notoriety to the woman who wear them every day. That’s the problem. #justsaying.

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At the end of the day, this is the second season in a row that Jacobs has ignored the public outcry of culture appropriation in the fashion and beauty industries. Yes, this time black women were included (somewhat), but does that make it okay? What’s your thoughts on the show? Appropriation or appreciation? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter @fashionfixdaily.

Watch the full show below.

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