APPOSTA: Designer Men’s Shirt WOWS With Personal Tailor Experience

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TL;DR – If you’re looking for a men’s designer shirt and prepared to invest in quality that lasts, and the concept of clothes fitting properly appeals to you, then Apposta could be your new favourite brand. 

Apposta AW20

In the world of PR and fashion, paper won’t refuse ink. To update that for 2020, many influencers will say just about anything on men’s designer shirts if you pay them enough. How can you trust designer shirt reviews when they can so easily be bought?

We get a lot of pitches at FFD every day in our inbox. Most of them are not very subtle. But when we received the email from Italian shirt brand Apposta, there was something about it that made me curious. Curious enough that I knew I needed to call in the help of a real expert to truly put this brand to the test.

A good friend of ours, Howey Ejegi, agreed to order a custom shirt and tell us his thoughts. Given how particular Howey is about the brands he engages with, this is no small recommendation in itself.

He writes…

“My wardrobe didn’t know what it was missing until I had my very own custom dress shirt from Apposta. Who would have thought!?

For the everyday man, shopping for shirts could be a rather mundane experience and as I browsed the shirts catalogue to gather a feel for the brand, I was quickly reminded why many men may think so. Every shirt looked quite similar, save for the small intricate details like the shape of collars, type of stitching and cuffs. This meant that I could easily have spent a good deal of time browsing through before making a buying decision.

Good thing I knew exactly what I wanted in a shirt that would fit my body type (long torso, broad shoulders and long arms) so when it came to designing my very own shirt I knew I was in for a great experience.

Tailoring my own designer men’s shirt on Apposta felt like I had my very own personal tailor sat next to me. There was just the perfect amount of available options and information to guide me through the process without feeling overwhelmed. An experience I’m sure even the least fashion-conscious man would take great delight in.

The whole process took about 20 minutes and can be done quicker based on your taste. I was creating my own masterpiece of a shirt, so I took my time; paying extra attention to the finest details. I customised the shape, stitching, type of cotton fabric, button size and my initials to be woven onto my very own timeless shirt.

Three weeks later my doorbell rang. It was my very own creation by Apposta, packaged in the most well thought out way. “WOWZERS!” was my reaction when I tried it on, looking in the mirror as I proudly admired my very own designed shirt.”

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TOP TIPS: 1. I recommend having access to a measuring tape to measure the perfect dimensions of your body. 2. Make use of the online chat service if needed. They can act as your very own personal tailor.

High praise indeed.

If you wanted to be really critical, you could argue that their branding is in need of a refresh in 2021 to better communicate the look and feel of the products they sell. If I was the marketing manager I’d be making a call to Freytag Anderson to get a visual design for ecommerce and advertising that matches the quality on offer.

One can but dream!


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