An Easy Guide to a zero-waste Lifestyle

|As millenials, we believe there was one pair synonyms that our primary school teachers never taught us; Veganism and a Sustainable Planet. Fashion Fix Daily gives you the breakdown to the new discovery.

Sustainably Vegan is a Youtube channel all about making the connection between Veganism and Environmentalism. They believe we need to start a conversation about how Veganism and Environmentalism are intertwined and are essential to saving ourselves, our planets and our animals.

Their youtube channel is full of great tips on lowering our impact on the planet, and we have rounded up our favourites for you.

The starter tips for waste-free living include:

  • Going paper-free and totally digital, or only using recycled paper notebooks and refillable pens.

  • Bring your own lunch boxes, flasks and water bottles on the go to avoid using disposable plastics. And never take plastic straws. Also, Mason/Kilner Jars perfect for a more chic lunch at the office.

  • Opt for bars of shampoo, conditioner and soap, rather than plastic bottled products. You can also create your own DIY styling products from simple ingredients.

  • Use wooden toothbrushes and hairbrushes instead of plastic ones.

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  • Try out menstrual cups rather than tampons and pads as they create tonnes in landfill waste a year.

  • Opt brands like Lush and Ecover that refill and recycle old packaging for free.

  • Most importantly, aim to shop second-hand and vintage when buying clothes. So the life cycle of products and the circular economy continues!

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