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United by their love for bright colours and girl power, the Confetti Crowd are the bad ass supergroup of instagram working as the centrefold for girls supporting girls. Made up of four fierce entrepreneurs; singer / songwriter @heidipetite, vintage shop Sassy World owner @helibells and designers @lulutrixabelle and @ttigerlilly, each are creative bosses in their own right. Armed with their own voice and aesthetic, this girl gang come together to celebrate each other and women around the world to be exactly who they are. Documenting sisterhood one post, event and blog post at a time, we caught up with the UK’s coolest all girl collective to see how they get shit done. Who run the world? GIRLS!

Hey girls! Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do..

We are the U.K. most colourful girl gang of creatives. Individually we are four entrepreneurs who all strive to be the best girl bosses we can be. Collectively we aim to spread happiness with our colourful aesthetic, be ambassadors for female empowerment and to be a platform for individuals to learn, communicate and grow.

How did you get into this business?

We were all doing our separate things within the fashion industry, Heli was at uni, Tiger was practising photography, Lulu was making and selling her own clothes and Heidi was teaching herself guitar all of which we did whilst having similar aesthetics which were unlike anyone around us. This was until we met at a blogging event, which then led to Heidi coming up with the idea of Confetti Crowd.

If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?

I believe we would still all be working within fashion, and inevitably would have been on a similar path to the one we are in now, as we are all very passionate about being our own boss.

Do you have a life motto / mantra?

“Just do you” is one we all live by, as it is something we have to tell ourselves often.

Take us through a typical day. What time do you get up / go to bed at?

We a quite similar in terms of our schedule, we are all early risers, so we will be out of bed around 8/9. From there, our day can consist of meetings, emails, packing/shipping out orders, delegating tasks to our team/assistant, and making endless to-do lists!

How do you keep organised?

As mentioned above, we all love a “˜to do”™ list! As well as having a diary, this is a lifesaver when it comes to staying on top of everything.

Do you have an idol / human inspo?

Our main inspo, is girls who go after their dreams and embrace everything about themselves. We are all for girls supporting girls, so we often reach out on Instagram to girls who are bossing their lives and creating positive change. To name a few, girls like, Felicity Hayward, Sophie Tea, and Sophia Hadjipanteli.

How do you keep going through a humpday?

If you hit a block whilst working, go relax for an hour. Watch your favourite tv series, cook a good lunch, paint, draw, listen to music, then after that hour remind yourself what your working towards and get back to it.

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Biggest misconception about the job you do?

That we get everything for free. We have worked/are still working extremely hard to achieve the career we want and it”™s often our collaborations with brands that people misconceive as us just receiving things for free. The biggest misconception, however, is that our job is easy.

How do you wind down?

Catching up with friends/family, and just chilling in our own spaces always helps us to relax.

What’s your favourite thing about what you do?

In our line of work, we are forever meeting new creatives and it is honestly the best thing. Meeting new people just opens more doors, whether that be to new jobs, new collaborations or new friendships, it’s so exciting.

Anything exciting coming up?

Tiger and Heli have recently launched new collections with their brands @shopeasytiger and @sassyworld, so they are jam-packed with sending out orders and designing for next years collection. Lulu is currently preparing for the launch of her new collection for her brand @shopfluffy and Heidi has just released her debut single and has got more new music coming out over the summer! Collectively we are all looking forward to festival season, as it is our favourite season and there is nothing we love more than summers filled with good music, sassy festival outfits and making new memories!

Any advice for someone who would like to follow in your footsteps?

Work hard, reach out and make new contacts, and most importantly be uniquely yourself in everything you do!

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