A Dating Column With A Difference

31-year-old single woman seeks a man who is more than just a bearded, puppy holding, guitar playing, ‘easy going guy’. Or a woman who doesn’t have a Snapchat filter permanently attached to their face.

Hi, I’m Iona and when it comes to dating – I’ve just about seen it all, and more. I’ve lived the ‘let’s move in together, let’s get a dog together, oh my god this is my happy ending…oh wait. Nope.’ scenario. The ‘you’re a really nice person and I can’t really fault you but you’re mind-numbingly boring, so should I just settle for mediocre?’ conundrum. The one night stands, the Tinder dates, the abusive relationship, the catfish and the ‘did that really happen?!’ situations.

I’ve rom-com kissed someone in the middle of a thunderstorm in Brazil, I’ve fucked a fellow backpacker in a 15-bed dorm in Paris, I’ve had a pancake and ice cream breakfast made for me the morning after in Australia and I’ve made out with someone in a bus stop whilst a junkie pissed behind us in Scotland. An international woman of not so much mystery, some may say.

I’ve learnt A LOT. The do’s and don’ts. The red flags and the rose tints. The should I stay or should I gos. So here I am, at your service. Ready to tell you all about my dating disasters for your amusement, dish out all of the no bullshit advice of a veteran dater, be a beacon of solidarity and hopefully help fill your future with great sex, healthy relationships and an empowered outlook on the search for love.

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My first ‘actual’ column will be live next week but for now send me all of your dating & relationship disasters, if you need advice, I’m here for you!

Email – Relationships@FashionFixDaily.com

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