A beginner's guide to a zero-waste lifestyle

This two-part series lays out some simple ways to start your eco-friendly new lifestyle, by Sustainably Vegan, a Youtube channel all about making the connection between Veganism and Environmentalism and starting a conversation about how they are intertwined and are essential to saving ourselves, our planets and our animals.

The starter tips for waste-free living include:

  • Going paper-free and totally digital, or only using recycled paper notebooks and refillable pens

  • Bring your own lunch boxes, flasks and water bottles on the go to avoid using disposable plastics, and never take plastic straws. Also, Mason/Kilner Jars are your best friends!

  • Opt for shampoo/conditioner and soap bars rather than plastic bottled products, and create your own DIY styling products from simple ingredients.

  • Use wooden toothbrushes and hairbrushes, try out menstrual cups rather than tampons and pads, and opt brands like Lush and Ecover that refill old packaging for free.

  • Most importantly, aim to shop second-hand, so the life cycle of products and the circular economy continues!

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Part 1:

Part 2:

Videos and photos by Sustainably Vegan

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