9 Life Lessons To Take From Ab Fab

|Absolutely Fabulous, or Ab Fab, featured an amazing cast and hilarious one liners, but also a couple of life lessons.

If Patsy and Eddie taught us anything it was that Fizz in the morning is perfectly acceptable and that less is certainly not more.

Absolutely Fabulous is an iconic series for oh so many reasons, the tongue in cheek take on the fashion industry, the constant bolly or the hilarious one liners, it’s clear AB FAB never left our hearts.

Patsy & Eddie had some pretty good tips for life so we’ve picked out the ones you should apply to your own, trust us when we say it’ll make the rest of the year much more fun!

It’s never too early for fizz

Don’t take life too seriously

Believe in yourself

Share your feelings

It’s NEVER too early for fizz!

Be yourself at work

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Originally published on 19 Dec 16

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