8 throwback Instagram accounts to stay on top of your fashion game.

From the Nanny, Jessica Flecture to Christian Dior, these are the 8 fashion throwback Instagram accounts to help you stay on your style game.

In the weird, varied and magnificent land of Instagram, there are niches for everything, even the most specific aesthetic tastes. These past few years we have seen revivals of the last 30 years of fashion referenced on the runways, and I can't help but think our good friend IG has something to do with it. 

Forever going round in circles, fashion’s got a love for nostalgia. Each season we see a reinvention of trends gone by and made new again. You know, before wearing them out, only to hail a comeback 10 years later. Before you know it, you become one of those people who claim they can’t wear something because they had it "first time around". But really, these are the folks who have the upper hand, and now you can too!

Allow me to introduce you to all the fashion inspo you will ever need, tracing this season’s most coveted looks all the way back from where they started! From silk slips over white tee’s, colour and mono blocking all the way through to that button down skirt Topshop has in 18 colours. Below, are 8 throwback Instagram accounts you should be following to stay on top of your fashion game.

1. @whatfranwore

If ever there was a style icon of yesterday for today, it would be Fran Fine. A heroine of 90’s fashion, she was the one wearing read in a room full of tan. The Nanny served up daring, sexy, campy swirl of rainbow brights and skintight minis, featuring some of the most important designers of the 90s from Moschino,Todd Oldham and Stephen Sprouse. Carrie who now?

2. @shesvague

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Documenting the tackiest, most iconic celebrity fashion moments of the last two decades from Paris Hilton to Cher and Anna Nicole Smith. Basically, all you ever needed and more.

3. @murdershelook

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It is an indisputable fact that one of the great gifts given to us in the late 80’s/early 90’s was the mystery television series, Murder, She Wrote, and in turn, Jessica Fletcher. Beyond providing aspirational looks “” not kidding – this account also serves up a healthy dose of relatable facial expressions.

4. @ebaybae

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Ebaybae aggregates the most outlandish and extravagant finds on Ebay. Instagram entertainment at it’s best.

5. @90smodels_empire

Thanks to @90smodels_empire you can see the best runway, campaign and editorial action from all your favourite supers – tanned skin, acid wash denim and big hair as standard.

6. @70sbabes

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7. @diorinthe2000s

Crack out the leopard, lace and eyebrows! A full page dedicated to John Galliano’s time with Dior. SWOON!

8. @ghosts_flowers

Curated by photo editor Kelly Rakowski, @ghosts_flowers is a self-proclaimed collection of “œcelebrities of yesteryear and flowers.” Showing the likes of Drew Barrymore in that iconic sunflower choker and to , this is a charming (albeit slightly bizarre) addition to your daily scroll.

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