7 Tips To Spring Proof Your Skin

Winter is finally over and the sun has started to make random appearances, hoorah! However, if your skin is feeling dry and sensitive at this time of year, you are not alone. The changing weather conditions can play havoc with our skin, so can mean making some much needed tweaks to your skincare regime from Winter through to Summer.

We have researched the best ways to ensure your skin looks flawless – just follow these simple seven steps for Spring proofing your skin and you’ll be ‘good-to-glow’ in no time.


If you are a fan of full coverage make up, this can often mean wearing heavy products which are hard to take off (yes you, pesky festival make up!). You may find that your usual trusted cleanser could be stripping moisture from your skin so we recommend using a natural cleanser like coconut oil in the warmer weather. Simply warm up a pea-sized blob between your fingers, rub on to your face to break down the makeup, then use cotton pads and hot water to remove. Plus, an added bonus is that it moisturises your lashes at the same time!

Heard of the Korean ‘glass skin’ glow? This viral beauty trend recommends double cleansing and then toning to ensure pores really are entirely dirt free. If you’ve got the time, this could be worth trialling – although be warned that it may be too intensive for those with highly sensitive skin.


A great rejuvenator and way to clear your pores is to follow on with a three minute hot steam using a bowl of boiling water and lemon slice. Pop the bowl on a table, fix your hair up, place your face over the steaming water and cover your head with a clean towel to trap the heat in, stay here for a few minutes then use the towel to pat your skin dry.


If you are suffering from dry patches (which is not ideal when applying foundation!) then the third step is to exfoliate using a fine granule microdermabrasion cream or homemade DIY recipe. Just make sure that you choose the correct type of product for your skin whether dry, dehydrated, oily or combination – and do not forget to apply to the bow of your lip where oils can build up. Always remove with warm water as hot can dry your skin.


Because warmer weather can increase your skin’s oil production, take care when choosing a face wash as you do not want to use something too harsh and dehydrating. Avoid face washes containing alcohol or perfumes and opt for natural skin care products instead. A great tip for those with oily skin – using facial oil reassures your skin that it doesn’t need to keep producing it, so can actually make your skin less oily!


Most skin care professionals recommend using some form of face or sheet mask to purify your skin twice a week. Mud masks are ideal for oily, combination or problem skin, whereas hydrating masks are best for dryness due to their moisturising properties – PETA have a great round up of vegan face masks here.

Always remember to apply your face mask with a brush to stop oil or dirt transferring from your fingertips (unless you are using a sheet mask of course) and never let mud masks completely dry as this can suck up moisture from the skin.

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To achieve optimum hydration feed your skin by putting a serum on after removing your face mask – and remember that a little goes a long way. Serums are more lightweight than moisturiser so can deliver a higher concentration of vitamins and minerals deeper in to the skin. You can then put your favourite moisturiser on to cocoon the serum.

Hydrate and Protect

The best thing for healthy and clear skin is to ensure you are drinking enough water. It’s boring, but it works! Use a water calculator to figure out the amount you should be drinking daily because it differs by person depending on a number of factors.

Sun protection is also a must if you’re heading outside. There are some great cruelty free BB and tinted moisturiser creams that provide light coverage but contain SPF 30 and higher, so there really is no excuse not to protect your beautiful face!


Nat is a twenty-something fashion conscious writer from Brighton with an interest in all things wedding related, as well as health and beauty, interior design and a developing interest in gardening and plants. Having been married for five years now, Nat is still running her wedding blog entitled Help! I’m Getting Married. Her other interests include family, travel, skin care advice, and cuddling her cat James. She has a big family, including a sister, niece and nephew.

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