7 things to get you through Blue Monday

Oh blue Monday! The most depressing day in the calendar, a combination of cold nights and post festive season blues, it can leave us feeling down and lead to a spiral of over indulgence that’s just going to make you feel worse.

We have picked out 7 quick fixes to make today happier, more productive & hopefully have a positive impact on the rest of your week.

Book a holiday

Money tight this month? Doesn’t matter! There are so many sales you can literally book flights for £30 to Europe return. The beauty of booking a hotel direct is you can pay on arrival, so no need to stress! And if no one will go with you then make it a holiday all about you, and go yourself!

Talk it through with a friend

You know what they say, a problem shared is a problem halved, and they were right!


Take an ‘actual’ lunch break

We DO NOT mean grab a sandwich and eat it at your desk. Get out of the office, meet a friend for lunch, take a walk, go shopping or just go to the park and muse over life. An hour out of the office will make you feel so much better about the day.

Make plans for the week

Feel like you’ve been hibernating since Christmas? Call your friends and make some plans for the weekend, even if it’s just to pop round for a cup of tea or go to the cinema.

Start some random act of kindness

The pay it forward movement is a great way to make yourself feel better! You know when someone does something kind and unexpected it makes you feel instantly happier & in a better mood? Why not start today off by being that person. Buy your colleague a coffee, help someone with their shopping, put a smile on someones face and karma will have your back!

See Also

List three good things

Today may be the gloomiest day of the year but listing three good things will make yourself instantly more positive! It can be simple things like "the sun is shining", "My commute to work was quick" or things you are looking forward to, just write them down!

Buy yourself a present

Instant gratification with a difference. Buy something from a local designer or independent store, not only will you make yourself feel better you will be making their day brighter too.

Go for a run

Or to yoga, or go for a swim, exercise increases endorphins so you will feel better about life! It will also help shake off those cobwebs from the weekend and you’ll have a better nights sleep.

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