7 things to do on Christmas day if you don’t celebrate Christmas

Whilst we are bombarded with Christmas and ‘festive cheer’ from October onwards it’s important to remember that not everyone celebrates Christmas.

For whatever reason you aren’t celebrating Christmas this year remember there are plenty of other things you could be doing on the 25th of December.

Take a walk

Go for a wander! Grab a coffee and take a stroll through some amazing parks.

Try something new

Always wanted to go for Turkish Food, or wondered what dim sum tastes like? Or just wanted to try that new Malaysian restaurant? Now’s the time to get your foodie hat on.

Get Drunk

Now we are not advocating binge drinking or getting wasted on your own but getting together with a few friends and doing something different. Go wine tasting or book into a whiskey tour.

Help others

This can be as simple as working on Christmas day so one of your colleagues who does celebrate can spend the day with their family. If your work is closed why not volunteer? There are plenty of Charities that need help especially at this time of year.

Go on an adventure

Take a drive somewhere interesting, is there any abandoned architecture you want to see? Or just go on holiday! There are tonnes of amazing deals as no one wants to fly on Christmas day.

See Also

Go to the Movies

Want to see the latest blockbuster? Find out what cinemas are open near you and go enjoy the movies when they are nearly deserted.

Don’t do anything

Have a duvet day! Pop on your favourite movies, read a new book or just hit snooze all day.

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