7 Things From 2016 To Carry Forward Into 2017

| 2016 has been pretty terrible. It’s December, and we’re now thinking about our resolutions for the new year. What should we carry over into 2017, if anything?

2016 is very nearly behind us, thank fuck.

As year’s go, it’s been pretty horrific, right? On second thoughts, maybe ‘horrific’ is too tame of a word. Diabolical? Disastrous? Devastating? Demoniac? ALL THE WORDS! 2016 has been all of the words. Bar the good ones, ofc. It would be remiss of me not to mention the exhaustive tragedies and horrors that have occurred this year but, honestly, I think we’re all depressingly up to date with them, so I won’t. Instead I propose that we use the mountainous pile of shit that is 2016 to launch ourselves into 2017, renewed. Let us utilise the manure of 2016 to fertilise the ground of 2017. You with me?

Because, in the face of 365 days worth of utter ugliness, I’ve seen some beautiful things: Outpourings of love; Compassion; Understanding; Inclusiveness; Activism. I’ve even seen – and you won’t believe this – a very polite disagreement take place on Twitter. I KNOW! And they said pigs couldn’t fly.

Hurtling towards materialism with all the determination of a sample sale shopper, I’ve also seen some literally beautiful things: Gucci loafers; Slides!; The return of dad caps; The return of Juicy; The return of the mac (the patent mac, that is).

So here, via the medium of a small but snazzy list, are a few of the things I think we should carry with us into 2K17…

  • Being engaged in politiczzz. (The zzz’s denote that I am both young and hip (said no young and hip person, ever) and also v much engaged in affairs of the political variety.) It feels like everyone’s kinda stepped it up a gear this year, non? Maybe because everything’s gone tits up (cough Brexit cough). Regardless, knowledge is power, amirite?

  • Compassion. It’s gonna be a long and arduous four year slog with Donald Trump as Leader of the Free World (I still can’t believe that’s a sentence I have to type) and we need to throw kindness and empathy around by the bucketload. Shower ’em, bay-beh!

  • Fluff. OK, I might be biased with this one but, in my defence, Brother Vellies just dropped some maje shearling mules sooo I’m, like, 96% sure fuzzy things will still be deemed covetable come January.

  • Mary Berry. Just when we thought The Year That Shall Not Be Named couldn’t hurt us anymore, it robbed us of the Great British Bake Off. Our soggy bottoms were taken from under us, quicker than you could say ‘ready, steady, BAKE!’ Because of this cruel plot twist, we risk not being able to fulfil our yearly quota of Mary Berry sightings. For this reason, we must carry her with us everywhere we go. (I haven’t worked out the logistics of this yet, so just carry her in spirit. Say "sheer perfection" a lot. Wear a floral bomber jacket. Do whatever you’ve gotta do; be your best Mary Berry self.)

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  • Your fave threads. I don’t care if they’re no longer deemed ‘cool’, KEEP THE DAMN THINGS! Let’s do away with ‘trendiness’. I operate on a purely ‘does it make me feel good?’ basis and, let me tell you, it works wonders. Mentally calculating the trend longevity of metallic culottes and uttering the words ‘…but are they in fashion, though?’ is a royal waste of time, mon amis. WHO CARES! If you like ’em, wear ’em. Simples. I’ll be right beside you, sista.

  • Sass. I’ve seen ‘sassy’ on an alarming amount of ‘Things We Should Leave In 2016’ lists and I find it utterly outrageous. Sassiness LEFT BEHIND?! Of all the things to bury deep in the plaque-ridden cavities of 2K16, let your sass not be one of them.

  • Prosecco. We lost our sweet minds when we were hit with the news of a Prosecco shortage; "WHAT ELSE CAN THIS CRUEL WORLD THROW AT US?!!?", we collectively bellowed. Let’s learn from the past. Stock up, kids.

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