5 Ways to Make Over Your Student Flat

|Looking for inspiration on how to make your uni flat or accommodation look just a little homier? We got you!

So, you’ve made it to higher education – hooray! Nice work, brainiac! A new and very exciting chapter is just about to begin, and to kick things off, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve just moved into your first ever college or university digs. But – and correct me if I’m wrong – you’re looking around your new pad and it’s not really feeling all too ‘you’, right?

Well, don’t sweat it, there are plenty of easy ways you can get the place feeling like home sweet home in no time. And if you’re a babe on a budget, you’ll love these ideas too!

Here are 5 ways to make over your student pad…



If you want to ace those essays, a space to work in is a MUST! A neat and stylish desk is easy to pull off, you just need a few essentials to get started. Let’s assume your room already has a desk – the next part (and best part!) is dressing it up. Cute stationery, a lamp and a few little knick knacks are a good place to begin. Flying Tiger and Primark have both seriously upped their game recently and Aldi have great candles, giving you that coveted Pinterest look at a fraction of the cost. Cha-ching!

Plants & Flowers


A really cheap and effective way to breathe a bit of life into a room is by adding some greenery! Why not pick up a bunch of blooms from Lidl (and psst, sometimes they have peonies…just sayin’!) or throw a couple of small succulents into your trolley next time you’re on a group trip to IKEA? Cacti are also a great way to dip your toe into the world of plants without the big commitment – you can go home for the holidays without worrying about them dying – and best of all, they only cost cost a couple of bucks!

A Spot to Snuggle In


Over the next couple of years, you’ll be working hard (and playing hard!), so a cosy and inviting bed will be your favourite place in the world after a long day. Mix textured throws and cushions together to create somewhere you can really relax and get your Netflix on. Supermarket ranges like George at Asda and F&F at Tesco manage to keep things on-trend and on-budget so make them your first stop.

Cut a Rug


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Not too fond of that beige carpet? Rugs are your new BFF! Whether you go monochrome, patterned or bright, there’ll be something to take that old floor from EWW to WOOHOO in no time. H&M Home are my top pick for rugs – with a trendy range of options that’ll have you ready to take your best shoefie.

Feeling Arty


Whether you love starting your day with an inspirational quote, or something bright and cheery, having a few of your favourite prints up on the wall adds an instant personal touch to your space – especially if you can’t really do much about the wall colour! Etsy or local makers fairs are some of the best places to pick up something truly original – you might even find something relating to your favourite song lyric or TV show!


I hope this gives you some inspiration to get started. Here’s to you, the next few years and getting your decorating on! Don’t forget to have fun with your decorating style and remember you can change it up as often as you like.

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