5 Un-Officey Ways To Wear Your Work Shirt

|Needing ways to dress down that tailored shirt of yours? Whether you go for an untucked or off-the-shoulder look, FFD brings you all the right tricks.

The shirt. Oh, the shirt. The humble piece of office attire – formerly picked out of the wardrobe begrudgingly, a disdainful look of ‘uh, you again’ plastered over your AM face – has recently been catapulted to the upper echelons of style. It started with Johanna Ortiz and Jacquemus (two srsly cool designers; if you don’t know, get to know) and ended with everyone and their cantaloupe deploying their boyfriend’s work shirt in all manner of weird and wonderful ways. I tried making shorts out of mine the other day. I kid you not. (It didn’t work.)

My point is: the shirt is the item du jour. It’s dynamite. Gold dust. The fashun equivalent of a rare meteor shower: a quick, albeit glorious outburst; here for a good time, not a long time; full of onlookers scrambling to get a piece of the action. Well, I’m about to serve you up a healthy slice of that aforementioned action, my friend.

Here are some, frankly, ingenious ways to make like RiRi and take the work, work, work, work, work out of your work shirt. Spoiler alert: transformative information within.

1. Shirt as off-the-shoulder number.

This is possibly the easiest lewk to emulate. You take your standard shirt and you, well, wear it off your shoulders. I teamed mine (hello me!) with a Carrie Bradshaw-esque tulle skirt because I like to make an entrance in the office. And on the tube. And at the post office. And – you get the drift. I’m a spotlight hog.

2. Shirt as office-appropes crop top.

It should be noted that my office is an incredibly chill one. I mean, I went to work wearing the bottom half of a wedding dress and no one batted an eyelid (much to my dismay), so this styling may not slide at your next board meeting. Regardless! Take your shirt and unbutton it a little bit before tying it at the waist with all the gusto of a woman who recently realised how revelatory her bizniz garb was! Et VOILA!

3. Shirt as brunch get-up.

Picture this: it’s Friday night. Your work responsibilities, and your uniform, are thrown with gleeful abandon into the hypothetical trash (formerly known as ‘the back of your mind’ and ‘the laundry basket’). You continue your weekend as normal. The end.

Now picture this: it’s Friday night. Your work responsibilities are thrown with gleeful abandon into the hypothetical trash (formerly known as ‘the back of your mind’). You hover over your now-crumpled work shirt. You begin to see it in a new light. Literally (your flatmate just switched the hallway lamp on) and figuratively. Could you… Should you… Dare you wear it this weekend? YOU DARE! You make like Megan and you look devastatingly cool as you wear it beneath a beer tee, complete with geek chic specs and the jeans of dreams. You continue your weekend in a state of blissful transience. Monday-fear evades you. The end.

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4. Shirt as dress. Sort of.

Put on my boyfriend's shirt completely forgetting that he moonlights as Stretch Armstrong.

A post shared by Daisy Keens (@pieandfash) on

Me again! Just swinging by to tell you that if you, like me, have a boyfriend who moonlights at Stretch Armstrong, you can totally get away with wearing his shirt as an AM-appropriate dress! (I doubled up on the stripes, via the medium of these shorts, because I’m EXTRA, EXTRA, read all about it here.)

5. Shirt as kuul layering tuul.

You can wave an American flag, OR you can wear one. #vote #vote #vote

A post shared by Man Repeller (@manrepeller) on

It’s Man Repeller certified. If you want to put the (y)ESSSSSSSS! into dress then you better start layering it atop your new fave. You know you want to.

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