5 Things You Don’t Need – Advice from a Minimalist Blogger

| If you don’t love it, lose it. Valuable advice on how to declutter your life from minimalist living blogger Jenny Mustard.

Here are 5 things you simply do not need. Plus an extra 2 things, because Jenny is adorable and forgot to say it was 7 not 5! She minimalises anything that weighs her down, complicated things, makes her space cluttered and overwhelming, anything unnecessary, expensive, or just downright ugly.

  1. All of your duplicates – Don’t buy something new without clearing out the old version that you already own.

  2. Most of your cleaning products – All you need is a basic versatile cleaning liquid, and vinegar for anything else.

  3. Half of your decor – Let only your favourite decorations stand alone and demand the attention that they deserve.

  4. Fancy Tech Things – Lots of us invest in expensive equipment that we don’t really need or know how to use.

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  5. Things you don’t LOVE – Your own space is for the things that you enjoy; the rest is just distraction.

Video by Jenny Mustard.

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