5 Secrets to a Long and Happy Marriage

The Royal Wedding might be over but it’s still the hot topic on everyones lips.

So here are some tips on staying happily married!


Keep Calm!

Of course in any relationship there will be hiccups and disagreements along the way but it is how you deal with them that will determine whether your marriage will last! 17% of couples sampled revealed that not reacting to disagreements helped them overcome any conflict that has arisen in their marriage. Keeping calm will assist in diffusing the situation enabling you both to talk calmly to reach a solution you are both content with.

Don’t ignore problems

That said, it is important to stay calm but it is still just as crucial to not ignore problems in your marriage. Being in denial was revealed to only cause further problems down the line as emotions get heightened if you leave them pent up inside. Here, you are likely to get more and more annoyed or upset with the situation which will inevitably come to the surface in the long run, often resulting in conflict that could have been avoided if you had just addressed the problem when it first appeared with your partner.

Maintain a work life balance

Spending too much time at work can put a pressure on your marriage, especially for newlyweds, 7% of those surveyed unveiled that time apart caused by work was one of the top five difficulties they have faced in their marriage. A late night at work here and there will do little harm but if this starts to become a regular fixture it may be time to take a step back and assess the situation to see if this time apart may be negatively impacting on your marriage!

Have a “Date Night”

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Today our lifestyles are often so busy that we forget to allocate quality time to spend one on one with our partner – forget work, have a break from the children and focus on each other with a monthly or even weekly Date Night where you can both dedicate your energy to each other. This will help keep the spark alive in your marriage helping your relationship stand the test of time.


24% of those surveyed revealed compromise was a key solution to any communication difficulty – meeting halfway with a decision will help keep you both happy and prevent any resentment if one person seems to always get their way. For example, if you have chosen what to have for dinner then it is only fair your partner can choose what film to watch. A healthy marriage is all about give and take!

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