5 reasons to hit the gym that aren't weight loss

Whilst losing weight is a plus, there are so many other benefits to working out! We've picked out 5 reasons to take advantage of the gym sales this January.

Better sleep

It's no wonder people who workout find that they have a better nights sleep.

Increased energy

Whilst you may not feel it the day after going to the gym, burning thighs anyone? You'll certainly feel it a week or so after.

Stress reduction

This comes hand in hand with sleeping better, you'll be less distracted, and the lovely chemical boost after a 20 min workout will make you feel calmer.

Meet new people

Meeting people these days is hard, esp if you've recently moved. So find a class you love & start going regularly, you're sure to meet some like minded souls.

Better sex

As well as more energy going to the gym can give you an increased libido AND women who exercise regularly have better orgasms...see you at the gym!

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