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  • 5 of the best Bloody Mary recipes

    Posted: November 08, 2017 Posted: November 08, 2017
    5 of the best Bloody Mary recipes

    Along with all the merriment of the festive season comes the dreaded hangover. So we've scoured the internet to find the best Bloody Mary recipes around.

    Hangover be gone!

    NY Times

    Let's kick this all off with the purest version of the Bloody Mary. Created by Lu Ratunil who was the barman at Sundays at Good World.

    Jamie Oliver

    This Bloody Mary is for people who don't like Bloody Mary's, if you like things a bit spicier then add some more tabasco.

    Betty Crocker

    "Everything's better with Bacon." This smokey take on the Bloody Mary is definitely one for the meat eaters.

    BBC Food

    Need that hangover cure sharpish? Then these shots are the choice for you.

    Martha Stewart

    Queen of the Kitchen, Martha Stewart can do no wrong, and this classic Bloody Mary is no different.