5 Hacks For Makeup Lovers

| If you want to know how to save £££’s, these easy 5 makeup hacks could be the saving methods that will help you buy EVEN MORE makeup in the long term!

You love make-up, but hate spending all your hard-earned money on it, right? Well here are five brilliantly simple little life hacks for make-up addicts, to save you money and make you feel like a beauty boss!

  1. If your blusher or eyeshadow cracks and breaks, simply crush it back up into a powder, add a few drops of rubbing alcohol, spread it out, tap down and pat dry.

  2. Create your own all natural DIY eye makeup remover wipes with baby shampoo, coconut oil, and purified water, then soak into cotton wool pads and seal in a jar.

  3. Turn Crayola crayons into lipstick by melting coconut oil, stirring in a broken crayon, solidifying in small pots and applying as you would any lip colour!

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  4. To make DIY makeup setting spray, mix water with witch hazel, aloe vera and lavender oil and pour into an empty spray bottle and use as required.

  5. Fix broken lipstick by melting the ends with a lighter, reattaching the two halves and smoothing the edges by warming up and softening again.

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