5 Glitter Beauty Looks For Christmas

| Glitter eyeshadow, Glitter Lips, Glitter Hair… WE LOVE GLITTER!

Who doesn’t love glitter? It’s that time of year when all the festive parties, dinners and gatherings are in your diary. There’s no better time to cover yourself in glitter than Christmas, so use those diary dates to add some sparkle to your hair and makeup looks. I’m going to show you 5 ways to wear it, statement-style.

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Look 1 – Black Smoky Eye

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A dark smoky eye is most people’s go-to eye makeup look for nights out; but why not try it with glitter. Cover your lid from inner corner to outer corner with glitter glue, as well as your lower lash-line, then pack the glitter on. Use a chunky glitter to really make a statement.

Look 2 – Glitter Highlighter

If you are a fan of highlighter than can be seen from space, stop comparing the glow-power of your shop bought ones, and highlight your cheekbones with gold or iridescent glitter instead. Then you really will be seen from the moon.

Look 3 – Glitter Tears

If you haven’t slept the night before, this is a God-send as it covers all eye bags and dark circles. Apply your glitter glue/fixer gel underneath your eyes in a downward triangle shape to represent tears, then apply the sparkly stuff. Go wild with your colour choices – it’s Christmas!

Look 4 – Glitter Lips

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Apply a glitter to your lips with a lip brush, alongside a statement eye for a real stand-out look. It’s not going to last very long, and you might end up with some sparkle in your Brussel sprouts, but you’ll definitely make an impact when you enter the room. Something balm-like is perfect for sticking it on and it’ll keep your lips moisturised too.

Look 5 – Glitter Hair

Slick your hair back and paint on some of your glitter fix gel, backwards from your forehead. Sprinkle on some glitter to make your hair sparkle. It’s a great trick if you haven’t had time to wash your hair!

There are so many other glitter beauty ideas, and Pinterest is a great place to find them or to see how others are experimenting with colour and texture. You can never have too much sparkle in your life.

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