Fashion Revolution Week – 7 ways that you can make a difference

You may think that the concept of recycling & sustainability is all too much. But the lifeline of our planet is real. Today FFD is taking the future into our own hands.

Are you becoming all too aware of ocean plastic, landfill and the 5th anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster? Yes? Well,good. Let's face it, it's always been cool to be kind to the environment, but it's 2018 and the amount of waste we're still producing is more than ridiculous - I'm looking at you straws to coffee cups. 

We stand together in saying we want the world to ditch the things causing more harm for something good. But over the past few years, there’s been a lot more talk than there has been action. From upping recyclable packaging game to sourcing more sustainable fabrics and organic beauty ranges, brands have finally started to get onboard and make their sustainability promise. So it’s no wonder we’re all looking to live a more ethical lifestyle! But where do we start? Here are five simple ways you can make a difference and become more sustainable.


1. Take a picture of your label

Do your bit for Fashion Revolution week and snap a label selfie, post it on Instagram or Twitter, tag the brand, and ask them #whomademyclothes. During FRWeek last year, the hashtag reached 129 million people through 70,000 posts on Twitter and Instagram, so let’s clog up those feeds with some sustainable thinking!

2. Be more curious – there’s an app for that

Looking at your label can tell you where your clothes were stitched together – but it doesn’t tell you where the cotton, for instance, was grown, where the fibre was spun into yarn, where the yarn was woven into fabric, where the fabric was dyed, or where the buttons, zips, beads and stitching came from. Start investigating how your clothes really came together with the help of apps such as Ethical Barcode and Buycott.


3. Swap to more conscious cosmetics

With sea-polluting plastic microbeads officially outlawed, the appetite for sustainable beauty has never been clearer. The key to a greener beauty routine is doing away with single-use plastics and instead opting for recyclable packaging, plus choosing natural products over harsh chemicals and shopping brands that source their ingredients in a sustainable way. Consider the planet protected and your shelfie game upgraded.

4. Swap, Depop, Ebay, Donate – JUST REUSE IT!

Organise an evening where you swap clothes with your friends, go hunting for gems in charity shops or check out Depop or Ebay before strutting your stuff down the high street.


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5. Fashion don’t need to be fast

If you gotta buy new, try rethink those fast fashion brands and swap some something a little more earth conscious, like an independent designer or GANT’s new Beacons Project.

6. Watch this film

Haven’t seen The True Cost? A fashion documentary that traces fashion from slum to runway, and asks questions at every turn, it’s a must-watch.


7. Rethink your influence

When your feed is filled with Gucci bumbags galore and a different #OOTD every night, it’s easy to end up putting content before your conscience. Instead, follow accounts like @urbanity_blog and @kate_arnell who post tips on how to reduce your waste and live more sustainably, while @ftoxins and @revival.collective offer advice on how to shop fashion and beauty with an organic, ethical and conscious mindset.

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