2017 Food Crazes

| Last year we tasted the Asian cuisine, and the world’s love for healthy food is the new fashion. What will this year’s foodie trends be?

What will be the food trends of 2017?

Last year saw kimchi and turmeric take the foodie world by storm but what will this year’s foodie trends be? Here are 10 of the food crazes that will be trending in 2017.


Street food doesn’t look like it will be going away anytime soon. Whatever the country of origin, regional street food will be everywhere. Tacos appear to be the latest "in thing" so move over burgers and pizzas!


There’s more to Japanese food than sushi. Sea vegetables like seaweed bring an umami tang to dining. Add tofu to sea vegetable salads for protein. Healthy and tasty.


THE vegetable of the year. Think of making more than just boring cauliflower and cheese as it’s an incredibly versatile vegetable. Pulse in a processor for "rice", steam, mash and bake it for different flavours. It’s low in carbs and calories as well.

Purple Food

Purple food is the future! From carrots to cauliflower to broccoli it will be all about purple. Rich in antioxidants, they are immune system boosting and they look pretty good as well.


Once the staple of poor college students, ramen is going to take over the world. Well, it’s going to get an image makeover first, think of more than just a watery soup and noodles. Instead think fresh ingredients, layers of toppings and a thick broth made with soybean paste, soy sauce or Tonkotsu (pork bones).

Watermelon Water

Move over coconut water, your time has passed! Watermelon water contains natural electrolyte minerals, is high in potassium (which can benefit blood pressure) and it contains anti-oxidants as well. It also tastes a lot better than plain coconut water.

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Kimchi and all things pickled/fermented

Kimchi is still around this year and is joined by other pickles and fermented goodies such as Kombucha (fermented green/black tea). These foods are said to help with IBS, bloating and more. Another food trend that is driven by health.

Goat Meat

Goat meat is something usually just seen at events such as at the Notting Hill Carnival. Milk and cheese are generally the only items eaten in the UK. It’s low in fat, high in protein and iron, and it tastes delicious. Think of slow-roasting the meat or add to a BBQ for something a bit more different.

Make your own

Be it cheese, bacon or yoghurt, make your own and discover what real food tastes like. It takes time, but it’s certainly worthy of the effort.

Minimising Waste

Possibly the biggest trend we could all get behind. Learning to use all the parts of our food, be it to make stock, soups or planning more for your week ahead. Restaurants such as Silo in Brighton are taking the zero waste challenge to another level where they recycle all their waste and have a compost machine in house.

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