20 reasons not to go on a diet in January

| Diet plans, diet chef and diet coke. So you’re thinking about how to loose weight? Don’t bother with that post-Christmas diet.

Riots, not diets.

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  1. It’s a cliche – Don’t be yet a nother stereotype feeling unecessarily guilty after Christmas
  2. You won’t stick to it – It’s human nature to want to eat and eat well, it goes against our inbuilt instincts to restict our food intake
  3. Diets are ineffective – If they worked, why does the NHS spend millions more each year on obesity research?
  4. All the Christmas leftovers – All that chocolate shouldn’t go to waste
  5. The results don’t last – The overwhelming majority of people regain the weight that they have lost over the long-term

  1. Fuck the patriachy – Self love is a feminist act
  2. Weight loss does not equal happiness – In fact it can make you miserable
  3. Weight loss does not equal good health – Eat better, not less
  4. Strong is better than skinny – Focus on fitness and strength instead
  5. You can save money – Superfoods and diet programes are a rip off

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  1. January is cold and miserable – The perfect month to snuggle up with a hot chocolate, not a kale smoothie
  2. You probably don’t need to – Check your BMI, you are most likely in the healthy weight range for your body, so you don’t need to lose weight
  3. You can save time, and life is short – WHy count calories when you can count memories
  4. Diet Culture is a marketing strategy – Giving in to the exploitative marketing methods of big corporations will only make you feel worse about your body
  5. Dieting is boring – Laughing while eating salads only happens in stock photos

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  1. Cake exists – Red Velvet, Chocolate Fudge, Victoria Sponge, Enough said
  2. Food is joyous – Cooking and eating is there to be enjoyed, not avoided or dreaded.
  3. Dieting is anti-social – No one wants to be friends with the rice cake muncher; go out for delicious meals with family and friends instead
  4. It perpetuates ‘all or nothing’ thinking – Life is better with balance
  5. Self-love and body positivity are the way forward – You can thank us later
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