Ten Tall Girl Problems

| Tall girls unite! There is a shortness in the fashion world of dresses for tall girls that will cover us and not run the risk of a Marilyn Monroe moment.

As a 5"11 female, life, and especially fashion, has its challenges. There is one thing every tall girl can agree on. We got problems too.

  1. We have a love-hate relationship with heels and platforms. All the best shoes are several inches high, but that just makes us feel freakishly lanky. Most nights out are spent in flats, or a rather daring kitten heel.

  2. It is SO difficult to find trousers that fit! On the rare occasion that jeans come in a 34+ inch leg, the waist is too big or too small or the knees are baggy or the ankles flare out.

  3. A superficial point, but…boys. We like a guy to be a little taller, and when you’re 5"11, that can be a challenge. Tinder profiles listing heights are ideal! Short girls, stop keeping all the 6"6 guys to yourselves!

  4. Being tall causes flailing limbs! Queue elbowing people in the face at nightclubs and kneeing small children in the street, oops! My flatmate and I have daily laughs about our clumsiness, from smashing plates while doing the dishes to embarrassing dance moves in the club.

  5. Many retailers do provide tall concessions/ranges, but they are often expensive and limited in variety. Theres a huge gap in the market for fashion-forward, comfortable clothing for tall girls.

  6. At least once a day, banging your head on doorways, ceilings, archways and cupboards. We’re surprised we aren’t brain damaged!

  7. Looking down on people can make us feel smug, but it isn’t the best view; of dandruff, bad roots and grey hair!

  8. In school, of course bullying happens to anyone who is different to the norm! Think name calling, the likes of "green giant" or "BFG"!

  9. We look a bit silly in group pictures with short or average height friends! That’s why we like to stick together 🙂

  10. Speaking of pictures, our heads (or feet) don’t even fit in them half the time. Makes it hard to get a decent #ootd! Same goes for mirrors.

But being tall has its advantages too….

  1. We can reach things on the higher shelves in any shop. Also, when working in retail stockrooms, ladders just aren’t necessary! And, we get extra brownie points for helping wee old ladies in supermarkets.

  2. A recent study found that taller people are more successful throughout their lifetime. Apparently, every extra inch in height converts to hundreds of pounds per annum, and there is significant genetic correlation between height and IQ!

  3. Being tall generally makes us appear more mature, experienced and confident. We still are rarely asked to provide ID to buy alcohol for example.

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  4. We are often told "You should be a model!", and though that isn’t a career aspiration, many of us have dipped our toes in the industry!

  5. If you know anything about BMI, you’ll know that to be a healthy weight, the taller you are, the more you weigh. In addition, taller people generally have a higher metabolism. These reasons mean that we can get away with eating more delicious food!

  6. Long legs. Legs Eleven. Leggy McGee. Daddy Long Legs. Supermodel pins. LEGS FOR DAYS!

  7. As children, we could ride on the best rollercoasters at theme parks and fairground rides while our petite friends held our bags and watched smug laugh

  8. At concerts, we can actually see the band onstage without having to crush our way to the front. However, fellow spectators hate us for blocking their view!

  9. It’s tough to get lost in a crowd when your head pops inches above everyone else’s! Friends can always spot our noggins floating over a sea of shorties!

  10. We can walk and run much faster than average, leaving others having to sprint to catch up as we shave minutes off our walk to work or jog to the gym! Short pals will be lagging behind as our steps are twice as long.

  11. It has to be said that some clothes simply look better on a lengthier figure. Wide leg trousers, dungarees, shift dresses and duster coats to name a few! And now that extended sleeves are on trend, shirts finally fit again!

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