15 Times Blair Waldorf Was My Style Alter Ego

| What can gossip girl teach us about fashion? Whether its a casual everyday outfit or an occasion dress, Blair Waldorf is your expert.

If you’re an owner of a Netflix account and you haven’t watched Gossip Girl yet, what are you doing?! I strongly suggest you go and watch it right now!

Actually, for my benefit, read this article THEN go watch it. Much appreciated!

If however, you are a die hard GG fan like myself, then you’ll know how iconic Blair Waldorf is – more specifically; how iconic her wardrobe is. I’ve spent basically every episode of Gossip Girl in awe of Queen B’s outfits and I’ve compiled a list of the ones I find most envious.

It was a HUGE struggle to narrow the ‘fits down to 15 so enjoy the eye candy!

1) Blair looking like a literal doll here!

2) Red is definitely Blair’s colour. Luminous!

3) Only B could pull off a style with this much coordination.

4) More casual than Blair’s usual attire. So Chic.

5) This dress and her hair are to DIE for!

6) Now THIS is what I call school uniform improvisation!

7) Blair’s complexion and hair make her a vision in textured emerald green.

8) This dress on me: Granny’s net curtains. This dress on Blair: exquisite!

9) Such an elegant look. Is there a colour she can’t pull off?

10) This cape coat gives me LIFE!

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11) Blair vamps up her uniform with ruffles and red accents. At my school, we wore our ties teeny-tiny and hiked up our skirts to be ‘fashionable’.

12) I am OBSESSED with this look. There’s just something about that tuxedo dress!

13) I absolutely adore the neckline on this dress.

14) Blairs pyjamas… Yes, pyjamas. Who looks like this when they’re going to sleep?! Not me, that’s for sure!

15) I saved the best for last; Blair’s Elie Saab wedding gown. I NEED this dress!

Aaaaand there we have it! 15 outfits fit for a queen THE queen of the Upper East Side. I’m going to cry whilst online window shopping now.

You know you love me… XOXO, Gossip Girl.

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