11 Bra Hacks Every Woman Should Know

| You don’t need a bra size calculator to know these simple hacks to make your relationship with your bra better.

Your boobs will be happy you watched this.

If you wear a bra, like pretty much half the world, whatever your shape or size, you’re likely to have experienced a whole host of problems, from saggy elastic to gaping cups, dulling whites and wires poking out to stab you. Here’s how to wear a bra better.

  1. Use a paper clip to create a racerback bra

  2. Fix an underwire sticking out using a panty liner

  3. Keep a strapless bra in place with a convertible strap

  4. Use silicone shoulder pads to relieve bra strap pain

  5. Handwash sports bras rather than machine washing

  6. Use a salad spinner to dry your bras and protect them

  7. If you can fit a whole hand through the back of your bra, its too big

  8. If you can fit two fingers thorugh the back of your bra, its the right fit.

  9. Wear a camisole insert to cover a cleavage

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  10. Hang bras on coathangers to save space and preserve shape

  11. Create a simple and effective bra hanging display

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