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  • 10 Wardrobe Swaps & Purchases You Should Be Making This Winter

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    Posted: October 30, 2017 Posted: October 30, 2017
    10 Wardrobe Swaps & Purchases You Should Be Making This Winter

    | Solve the problem of having a wardrobe full of unworn clothes and consider these winter purchases and swaps. The main objective; STAY COSY.

    This morning was the first time this side of 2017 that I woke up and saw my breath. The cars were frosty, the morning was dark, and there I was, shivering on the way to the tube cursing myself for thinking that just one extra layer was enough. Turns out, the clocks going forward should be forever known as the alarm bells for preparing your wardrobe. Winter is officially here and it's time to get your prep on.

    At the start of every season, the temptation is always real to just stock up on everything fast-fashion stores are pushing on insta. But not so fast! In order to make room — both literally and figuratively — for some fresh and exciting pieces, you'll need to strategise, rather than jumping on all of the trends. We all like some freshness in a new season, but by making some careful swaps and re-imagining some summer staples, you'll be nailing winter while saving money in the long run. Don't believe me? Here's my top 10 swaps and purchases you should be making this winter.

    SWAP: Tee's for Polo's

    They're an integral part of our winter uniform, so invest in some super-soft turtlenecks and I promise they won't leave your body the next couple of months.

    SWAP: Baker Boys for Berets

    Paperboy caps may not have been for everyone (I say this loosely) but berets are universally flattering, so please, please, just put the baker boys away??

    SWAP: Bombers for Puffas

    Keep the sports luxe feels by upgrading your bomber for your own portable duvet. We can all thank Rih Rih for this one.

    SWAP: Blazers for Longline Coats

    The Blazer and suit co-ord has not had it's time yet, however, the going out with just a suit jacket has definetly had it's day for the rest of the year! Layer with a long line coat for an instant chic AW update.

    SWAP: Leather for Shearling

    We love our leathers but there's only so long we can take them into winter before they need to retire for another season. Shearling was HUGE last year so if you invested, it's time to bring it back out! STAT!

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    SWAP: Faux Fur Sliders for Faux Fur Coat

    There may be some new faux fur shoe options floating around the high street but before you make an impulse purchase, don't do that to yourself. Save your money and invest in a new faux fur, and this time, MAKE IT BOLD!

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    SWAP: Tailored trouser for Corderoys

    Get those pins warmed up by working in some corderoy.


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    SWAP: Silk for Velvet

    Equally as comfy, double the cosy. We're ready to move on from the silk pajama suit and velvet is the perfect substitute.

    SWAP: Tea dresses for Layering over Jeans

    No summer was complete this year without a mini wrap dress. Don't let the flirty look to waste this winter and layer it up over jeans and a poloneck.

    SWAP: Mules for Boots

    Backless kicks have had their moment, but now that the Mr Frost has arrived, we're back to our tried-and-true winter boots. This year, the bolder and chunkier the better!

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