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  • 10 UK Beauty Blogs You Need To Follow

    Posted: January 29, 2019 Posted: January 29, 2019
    10 UK Beauty Blogs You Need To Follow

    Put your best face on! Here's a few of the most popular makeup and cosmetic influencers on the FFD radar.

    I get 90% of my beauty news, opinions and information online; and bloggers are at the forefront of this. To me, a good beauty blog is one that's written by a knowledgeable blogger who has tried a lot of products in his or her time, and is able to see the benefits of a product even if it doesn't fully work for them. The best beauty blogs also have sharp, well-lit photography, and always have clear swatches accompanying their reviews.

    There are thousands of useful sites on the internet, but not all are worth reading. These 10, however, are my favourites. Head over and find your new favourite UK beauty blog.

    The Sunday Girl

    I clearly have a type! I'm going to try and add the Kim K W shade and then hopefully a coral/red next? Any suggestions?

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    Adrienne is a bona fide beauty geek and she really knows her stuff. On her blog you'll find reviews of all the latest makeup, skincare, haircare and fragrance products, as well as general beauty advice posts.

    British Beauty Blogger

    Jane proves that running a beauty blog in the UK isn't just for 20-somethings. She specialises in makeup and the amount of knowledge she has amassed is incredible. She's like a walkng cosmetics encyclopedia. If you want to know what's happening in the beauty industry and what products are coming out before anyone else, her blog is the place to go.

    Really Ree

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    Ree's blog is one of the top beauty blogs in the UK and features reviews of all the latest makeup and haircare products and she always shows what they look like on herself, which is so helpful in deciding if something is for you. She publishes multiple times daily and her reviews are always really in-depth.

    Caroline Hirons

    The fact that there's a popular hashtag called #CarolineHironsMadeMeDoIt says it all. This woman is the queen of skincare and she knows everything worth knowing. If you have a skin question or are looking for a new product to try, her blog should be your first stop, always. She's one of the best UK beauty bloggers with regards to skincare.

    London Beauty Queen

    Hayley will always tell it exactly like it is. You can completely trust everything she says on her blog and she knows a lot about the beauty industry behind-the-scenes, as well as about brand's products themselves. She isn't afraid to tackle difficult topics and is the perfect beauty big sister.

    Fleur de Force

    Fleur has a blog as well as her hugely popular YouTube channel. On it, she gives more in-depth reviews and explanations of products than she is able to do on camera. Whether it's haircare, makeup or fragrance, Fleur really knows her stuff, and she takes clear, helpful photos too.

    I Am Fabulicious

    Sarah's blog always has lots of reviews of new and interesting makeup and skincare products, but it's her fragrance knowledge that should make her blog a real go-to if you are a perfume lover.

    Makeup Savvy

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    You will pick up so many beauty money-saving and time-saving tips on Fee's blog. If you are a high street beauty lover, this is the blog to go to to find new favourites. Her weekly eBay bargain posts are a real highlight and her photography is stunning.

    Thou Shalt Not Covet

    Michelle's blog is jam-packed with reviews of new beauty ranges and limited edition offers, she's without a doubt one of the top beauty bloggers. If you like to see reviews of full high-end and high street makeup collections, her blog is the place to head to. She'll give you all of the information you need and you'll be able to see clearly what everything looks like.

    A Life With Frills

    As well as writing here for Fashion Fix Daily, I also have a blog. My speciality is beauty and my blog has multiple posts weekly on new makeup, skincare and haircare products. I have written about beauty for years, for so many different publications, and I love sharing my knowledge and favourite products with you on my blog. Look out for my weekly Face Mask Friday series if you are a masking addict.

    There's a lot of controversy around Bloglovin', but I still find it the best way to follow beauty bloggers and to discover new articles to read. If you are just getting into following bloggers in the UK, this is a great place to start.

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