10 movies to get you in the Christmas Spirit

It’s officially December (seriously check your calendar I’m not lying) and if, like me, you aren’t really in the Christmas spirit then these movies are sure to get you in the mood!

We advise drinking mulled wine & eating chocolates for optimal viewing pleasure.

Home Alone

You can’t go wrong with a classic Christmas movie and Home Alone is a perfect start, watch 1 & 2 for some Christmas fun.


Any movie that lists candy canes as a main food group is good with us. Plus Will Ferrel is perfect as buddy the elf.


We have two words. Bill Murray. That’s all you need to know.

Muppets Christmas Carol

If you don’t know all the words to this then we can’t be friends. Narrated by Rizzo & Gonzo this classic Dickens tale is brought to life by singing muppets.

Trading Places

This hilarious Christmas caper will have your sides splitting, this tops Christmas movie lists for good reason.

Die Hard

The obvious Christmas choice, few movies come close to how perfect Die Hard is. Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber is one of our favourite movie Villains.


Just don’t feed them after midnight! A Christmassy horror all the family can enjoy.

See Also

It’s a Wonderful Life

A Christmas classic for a reason. This tear jerker will make you re-think Christmas, just remember to have the tissues nearby.

Nightmare Before Christmas

Some say this is a Halloween movie, some say it’s a Christmas movie, we believe that it’s both! Cartoons aren’t just for Kids.

Miracle on 34th St

We recently found out (whilst writing this) that there are two Miracle on 34th St movies! The one we grew up with features Richard Attenborough as santa and will make a believer out of the most skeptical.

Merry Christmas!

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