10 Gifts Suitable For Your Sister Soulmate

| Best friend, BFF, Sister from another mister, Bestie, Gal Pal, Amigo and more. "What do I buy my best friend?" is a question that we’ve researched and answered!

Where would we be in life if it wasn’t for our girlfriends? They are there for everything; the ups, the downs, the yells, the yawns and would never let us leave the bathroom with lipstick on our teeth. We owe them a lot, so what the hell do you get our wifey for lifey for Christmas? I mean, what kind of gift really shows the depths of your love as much as a daily GIF?

Don’t worry, take a deep breath. We’re here to save the day with 20 genius gift ideas – so good they’ll give Santa a run for his money. Yes, you may want to keep some for yourself but don’t worry, she’ll be sure to give you a loan when you need it. Because if the Gilmore Girls has taught us anything, that’s how love works. Right?

A personal pin

Because there’s an endless supply of in jokes waiting to pop on every collar. Kim K Crying by Pin Hype £4.99

Goal Journal

She’s got plans dammit! VERY IMPORTANT PLANS! Help her reach her goals with this journal from Kikki K. With fun exercises, prompts and planners it’ll help her define what matters most and examine what she wants to achieve. Goddess gotta work.

Cute Phone case

"I have too many phone cases!"- said no one ever. We love this three eyed kitty from Valfre. £30

Illamasqua Lip Lure

Fill the gap in her makeup bag and give your friend the gift of one of the most fabulously durable and moisturising lipsticks on the market. Then steal it from her. £19.50

Passive Aggressive Colouring

Exactly what it says on the tin, well cover. If your girl isn’t so good at that calm thing, or is your regular Daria, get her this book for a good chuckle and a loving read at the same time. £8.99

Beauty Blender

Give the gift of flawless finish with some beauty blender stocking fillers.

See Also

Eugenia Loli

A good piece of art can really change a place, so contribute to your girls decor with something sassy, just like her. £25

The Embroidered Tee

Free her nipples with this awesome hand embroidered tee from grlclb.com, and it’s only £30!

Bunny keyring

Give the gift of cute with one of these ADORABLE Esther loves you bunny keyring from Lazy Oaf. Hang on a bag or oversize your house keys, finding them drunk has never been easier. £18


If your BFF is still using your Netflix account and messing up your recommendations, give her a 3-month subscription to enjoy so you can both watch Clueless in peace.

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