10 Daily habits of a Gentleman

|Fashion’s Dorian Grey; Tom Ford is usually cited as the definition of a modern day gentleman, quoted with rules and guidelines on how to live a more gentile and chivalrous existence.

According to the American designer, a set of perfect teeth contributes to being a gentleman, along with a well cut dark suit and a metal strapped day watch. He also advises that a gentleman should never wear shorts in the city and should have a wardrobe stocked with crisp white shirts.

Personally I think being a gentleman is about more than when you wear your shorts or the watch you wear, it’s about your actions. I don’t mean grand gestures of chivalry, but small daily actions and attitudes.

So below are my top 10 daily habits of a gentleman.

1. Manners cost nothing – cliched but true – please & thank you with a smile in every situation goes a long way.

2. Respect – have an opinion, be steadfast in it, but respect the fact that everyone else has one too.

3. Take responsibility – everyone makes mistakes and it’s fine. If you’ve dropped the ball, hold your hands up and do your best to pick it back up.

4. Turn up – if you agree to something, do it. Turn up and give it your all.

5. Be on time – some people are late all the time, it’s not cute or cool or quirky, it’s annoying and disrespectful, just leave earlier.

6. Be passionate – no one likes a fence sitter, voice your opinion with conviction and confidence.

7. Be confident – confidence is one of the best qualities anyone can have, and it can be learned. Believe in yourself and others will follow.

8. Chivalry isn’t dead – hold open the door, share your umbrella, pay a compliment, help someone with their bags, give up your seat – small acts that make a big difference.

9. Shake hands firmly, with a smile and maintaining eye contact – but remember it’s not a competition for alpha male dominance.

10. Show kindness – offer to help someone, pay a compliment, lend your ear to someone. You never know the impact you could have on someone with a small and simple gesture.

What do you think? Is there more to being a gentleman than aesthetics? Does how you dress or style your hair make a difference?

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