10 Youtube Beauty Vloggers You Need To Watch

| Trusty Youtubers that will teach you how to do flawless foundation, a fierce cat eye and line your lips to perfection.

I am very much #TeamInternet, so I watch a lot of YouTubers and consume a lot of online content in general. Some of my favourite videos to watch are beauty ones – they are a great way to pick up makeup application tips, find out which products work and which don’t, and see what’s coming out before it hits the shelves.

Just like the blogging world, there are A LOT of vloggers. It can be difficult to pick out the most knowledgeable and trustworthy ones to watch, so I’m sharing my 10 favourite beauty YouTubers with you. Log on and hit that subscribe button!

Caroline Hirons

The fantastic Caroline featured in my must follow beauty bloggers article last month; but her YouTube channel is a must watch too. Nobody knows more about skincare than this woman. Combine this with her fantastic sense of humour, and you have a very enjoyable watch. She gives advice on tricky skin topic, shares her favourite products and interviews other skin gurus.

Glam Life Guru

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Tati, aka Glam Life Guru, is a walking, talking makeup encyclopedia. Based in LA, she reviews all the latest products and trends. She also isn’t afraid to try out the craziest treatments and the most expensive buys, just so you don’t have to do it first.

Sali Hughes Beauty

Beauty journalist Sali isn’t a regular YouTuber, but when she does post a video, it’s pure gold. Her In The Bathroom With… series is a must watch – she interviews top names in beauty, in-depth and in their own homes, to find out what products they rely on and how they got to where they are now.

Jaclyn Hill

This American lady will brighten you up on even the darkest of days. Her sunny personality is infectious, and her tutorials will inspire you to get your makeup brushes out. Her looks are always on point and she’s rarely wrong when it comes to product recommendations.

The Anna Edit

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If you prefer a more natural makeup look and are interested in finding out about products that will really work for your skin, you need to check out Anna. Her tutorials are great for everyday makeup looks and you can be sure that her favourite products have been rigorously put through their paces.

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Nadine Baggott

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Nadine is one of those people that you would love to have on speed dial. She has years of experience in the beauty world and is incredibly knowledgeable on both makeup and skincare. She has such a gentle, easy manner and manages to explain difficult scientific topics in an easy-to-understand way.


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See Also

Sisters Sam Chapman and Nic Haste are working makeup artists who also created the Real Techniques brand. Their makeup tutorials are diverse – they cover everyday looks, statement looks and current ‘out there’ trends. They are easy to follow and a great way to pick up genius application tips.

Hello October

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Susie aka HelloOctoberxo is really into simple makeup, that looks flawless and is easy to achieve. If you want to find out the best nude tones or how to get that natural, dewy base, you need to check out her tutorials and favourites videos.

Kaushal Beauty

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Kaushal’s makeup skills are up there. If you like your makeup to stand out – even her ‘no makeup makeup’ look makes a statement – you need to check out her channel. Her tutorials will really help you to achieve seemingly tricky looks, and she is an expert in achieving a flawless, dewy base.


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Yes, Zoe doesn’t just do beauty videos, but when she does, they are great inspiration for those who suffer from acne. She is great at sharing tips on application and affordable high street products to make it less visible. Her looks would be great for college, a night out or a day at the office.

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