10 Beauty Storage & Organisation Tips You Need To Know

| Treat yo’self (and your makeup) to a makeup organiser. The way you store your beauty products can affect how they work.

We all love makeup, especially shiny new makeup; but storing said makeup can be quite a difficult task that requires a lot of organisation. Here are ten tips on how to store and organise your makeup collection practically and prettily. You can thank us later.

1 Store your everyday makeup separately

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This is a great chance to use all those cute makeup bags you have stored up. Leanne from Leanne-marie.com suggests storing the makeup that you use on a daily basis, separately from your main makeup collection. This means you have easy access to the products you use frequently and that you can do your makeup on-the-go too.

2 Shop your stash

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase ‘shop your stash’ before. It means that you go ‘shopping’ in your own makeup collection to pull out products that you’ve forgotten you owned or how much you liked. If you have a large makeup collection, rotating the products in your everyday makeup bag on a weekly basis can help all of your collection to be used and appreciated.

3 Use clear makeup storage

Muji’s clear, opaque makeup drawers were the makeup storage to be seen with not that long ago, and their cult status was well deserved. Ellis from ellis-tuesday.com thinks it makes sense to store your makeup in drawers that you can see through from the outside. It means less much less rummaging around. Seperate your products by category and label the front of each drawer for extra organisation.

4 Re-purpose jars and boxes

Old candle jars and old beauty subscription boxes makeup for great makeup storage. If you have wax left in the bottom of your candle, pop it in the freezer for a few hours and the wax will just drop out afterwards. Storing your makeup brushes in your old Diptyque candle jars makes them much better value for money. Similarly, Glossyboxes or Birchboxes are also great to store larger palettes in, and they often come in pretty patterns too.

5 Know your expiry dates

Professional de-cluttering expert Kate Ibbotson from atidymind.co.uk advises that you always keep product expiry dates in mind. Your collection can really get out of control if you hold on to everything you buy forever. Look on your cream and liquid products to see how long you are supposed to keep them for, and once they’ve expired, toss them away to make room for new finds.

6 Use them up!

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Kate also suggests that you use up all of a product before you purchase another one. Every time you go to buy an item, ask yourself if you already own something identical or very similar to it. Do you really need two gold cream eyeshadows? Why not focus on getting use out of the one that you already own. This rule will keep your collection in check.

7 Have two brush pots

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Blogger Lauren from bylaurenjane.co.uk suggests keeping your clean makeup brushes in a separate jar from the dirty ones that you are currently using. It keeps things more organised and will stop you having to wash brushes that are already clean.

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8 Store lipsticks upside down

Usually, most of the information about a lipstick €“ the shade and the texture (matte, gloss etc) €“ can be found on a sticker on the bottom on the bullet. Storing your lipsticks upside down will allow you to read this easily and pick out the lipstick you are looking for quickly.

9 Keep your makeup out of sunlight

It’s very important not to store your makeup on a window sill. It can be very tempting as they make great shelves, but the heat and light from the sun can change the colour and consistency of a product. Keeping them stored away from the light, at room temperature, will help your products to last longer and perform better.

10 Use a Z-Palette

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If you are someone who has a lot of single eyeshadows as opposed to eyeshadow palettes, you can de-pot the shadow pans and put them in an empty magnetic Z-Palette, to save space and allow you to see all the shades you own easily. It can then be stored neatly with your other palettes.

If you have any life-saving beauty storage tips, share them with us on Twitter @fashionfixdaily.

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